7. Allies

Generally only one wizard is allowed to have units in a shire. The exception to this is if two or more wizards are allied. In this case they can all move units into a single shire but still only one can control the shire. Allied wizards may always cast spells on each other without being hindered by each other's counter-magic spells. Allied units are also treated as if they are under the control of one wizard when it comes to combat, as they will fight together when attacking or being attacked (with the exception of when a player is allied to wizards on both sides). To be allied both wizards must use the ALLY command. If either wizard does not wish to be allied at any stage, the alliance can be broken by issuing the ALLY command again with the NO parameter. If an alliance is broken a battle will take place in any shared shires.

There will appear a * next to any other player numbers on your reports who you have formed an alliance with. Any wizard on your allies list that does not have this * means that wizard is still as yet to declare you an ally as well.


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